To make our work more diverse we are networked with various organizations, institutions and individuals. Our regional and trans-regional collaborations create the potential for synergy effects which strengthen us and our partners in our manifold facets.

The adjacent Puppet Theatre of Lübeck and the Museums of Lübeck are our closest collaborators.


Exhibition Cooperation

The Museum of Theatre Puppets is equipped with a vast collection. Selected individual puppets can be given as loans on certain preconditions.

Collaborators are, amongst others, the Alfred Töpfer Foundation of Hamburg, the City Library of Leipzig and the Hüxstraße Community of Interests. At present, you can see exhibits from our collection in the villa p. figurenspielsammlung Mitteldeutschland of the Puppet Theatre of Magdeburg that opened in the end of November 2012.


Project Cooperation

We are always looking for suitable partners for our projects.  In the past, we have been able to work together with Documenta Archive, Björn Engholm, the Country’s Cultural Association of Schleswig Holstein e.V., the Kassel Art Academy, and the German Chinese Society e.V.


German Tour schedule

Please, refer to the schedule on the German language site

Tours are available for groups of at least five people and last approximately 1.5 hours (adults) or 45 minutes (children)

Opening hours

The Museum of Theatre Puppets will be closed for two years while the buildings will be renovated. The buildings, some of which date to the 16th century need to be restored, and the 35 year old exhibition will be updated. The work is scheduled to begin in January 2018.

Entrance fee

7.00 EUR
Pupils, students 3.50 EUR
Children (6-12 years) 2.50 EUR

How to find us

TheaterFigurenMuseum Lübeck

Kolk 14 · 23552 Lübeck · Germany
Phone: +49 (0)451 786-26
Fax: +49 (0)451 784-36

Map directions

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