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Our Favourites

He's back: Fiete Appelschnut – the beloved marionette from television during the 50s. The puppet is available as a hand-made replica in our museum store. € 39.00

The likeable bear of lies Käpt'n Blaubär and his dim-witted seaman Hein Blöd live together on a beached fishing boat and like to spin yarns. Our finger puppets are ideal for travel or the bedtime story.  € 10,00             

In Astrid Lindgren’s story, Pippi lives in Villa Villekulla and is the strongest girl in the world. Our marionette is hand-made and an ideal gift. € 79.50

Everyone knows the little mole from the Sendung mit der Maus (Program with the Mouse). We also have his friends Mouse, Rabbit, and Hedgehog in different versions: as a keychain, a finger puppet, as a stuffed mole with a hat and much more!

In our shop you can also find replicas of original Friedländer posters.  € 10.00



Funny animal masks for colouring

These masks are great for rainy days or birthday parties! The book includes various prints so that everyone is sure to find their favourite animal. The painted pictures can be cut out and a rubber band can be attached to the pre-cut holes to hold the masks in place.

Price: € 4.99 (currently not available)


Crafts sheet “Words of Love” with 432 nicknames

Do words sometimes fail you and you cannot think of romantic nicknames for your loved one? We recommend the crafts sheet “Words of Love” with 432 quirky (German) nicknames for her and him. Simply cut out the form and put it together so that a turn of the wheel provides you with the most original nicknames. How about these?


SÜSSER BLUMEN KNÖDEL (Sweet Flower Dumpling)
KNUSPRIGE HONIG KATZE (Crispy Honey Cat) … and many more!

Price: € 5.00

Augsburger Puppenkiste marionettes


Any fan of the Augsburger Puppenkiste knows the story to the song “Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen …” ("An Island with two mountains …"): One day, the mailman delivers a package containing a little black boy. The orphan is called Jim Knopf  (Jim Button) and when he gets older, Jim and his friend Lukas (Luke) leave the island Lummerland together with Emma, the locomotive …

Luke the Engine Driver € 75.00 (currently not available)
Jim Button € 68.50 (currently not available)
The puppets can also be ordered by mail (shipping not included).


Posters and postcards


In light of our exhibition “Adolph Friedländer – Lithographies and Posters” we are still offering copies of selected posters. The “Lion on Elephant” is available as postcards and posters. More motives may be available upon request by e-mail. Please contact





Picture-Nr. 0712 from the year 1895, Löwe auf Elefant (Lion on Elephant) for Hagenbeck Zoological Circus in Hamburg


What else?

Cavallini stationary

TheaterFigurenMuseumWe offer you the wonderful paper stationary by the American company Cavallini: Besides postcards, notebooks and stamps, we also carry the popular paper tapes in assorted sizes and colours. Currently we also offer Christmas motives.






Crafts set by Jurianne Matter

Matter_WishboatsPaper boats "Little Wishboats"

These sets produced in the Netherlands include sheets and instructions for 8 different boats – 4 large and 4 small boats. The large boats have a length of approximately 21 cm (8.2"). All of the boats can be written onto include names or congratulations. Price per set: € 10.50 or 12.50


Matter_EngelPaper angels "Sing"

This set includes pre-cut sheets to easily separate the figures from the paper and put them together to create seven angels. You can write a note or a name on the heart. Price per set: € 12.90



Matter_circlesPaper ornaments "Circles"

Beautiful paper ornaments for any decorating purposes. You can use the fanciful circles as decoration for bran- ches or twigs, flowers, Christmas trees, gift tags or to create mobiles or garlands. Each set contains 3 pre-cut cards. On each card there are three circles of different sizes and patters and a 60 cm ribbon. Price per set: € 12.50



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