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We regularly complement our exhibition program with special exhibitions. Find out about our past and future exhibition projects!


Asienreise. Theater & FigurenVoyage to Asia. Theatres & Puppets from the Fritz Fey jun. Collection

5 November – 30 December 2017

 For the 35th anniversary of the Museum of Theatre Puppets, we show some of the highlights from the largest continent on earth. We make our way on a voyage – not just through the Asian collection, which is also part of the permanent exhibition – but on a voyage through the land of imagination.


Eine Woche voller Samstage, Mesebolt Bábszínház, Foto (Ausschnitt): Kálmán GarasSams & Co. in the spotlight. The puppet theatre & Paul Maar

13 May – 28 October 2017



Fritz Fey sen. in his workshopVorhang auf für Fiete! Das Lübecker Marionettentheater Fritz Fey sen. 1977–2006

26 February – 23 April 2017




Dulcinea (Michael Meschke)Thought up & hand made. Theatre Puppets & their creators

Exhibition to the 4th Puppet Theatre Festival Lübeck, 18 September – 13 November 2016

Werkbank_MaassenFascinating puppet designers of today are the focal point of this year’s autumn exhibition. Works by Kristiane Balsevicius, Jürgen Maaßen, Michaela Bartoňová, Christian Werdin, Michael Vogel, Udo Schneeweiß, to name but some of them, are examples of the full breadth of contemporary puppet creation in Germany. The presentation illustrates the different design techniques and individual artistic developments. The guest performances in this year’s puppet theatre festival Puppets Theatre Design show handmade puppets in action. Some of th artisans who built the puppets are presented in the museum.


Pinocchio & his brothersPinocchio & his brothers: Bringing wood to life

June 5, 2016 – September 4, 2016

As one of the most important texts in Italian literature, The Adventures of Pinocchio is the foundation upon which all stories involving moving figures are based. Indeed, when Carlo Collodi (1826 – 1890) published the novel in instalments (between 1881 and 1883), he not only created a puppet and brought him to life, but also set the stage for the development of puppet theatre as a whole. At the special exhibition at the Museum of Theatre Puppets, Pinocchio is depicted in his many forms: as a character in a novel, puppet, doll and hero of animation.

Carl Schröder, Pinocchio with donkey's ears (c) Olaf MalzahnAs part of that, the work of East-German puppet- artist Carl Schöder (1904 – 1997) is also featured. Schröder’s interest in the wooden rascal developed into one of the central themes of his life, eventually becoming the star of a film shot by GDR studio DEFA. Excerpts from the film, along with figures from Schröder’s different Pinocchio productions will be on show.



RasoolyChristophe Loiseau. Manipulated Portraits | Portraits manipulés.      A photo exhibition.

November 13, 2015 – April 10, 2016


For the first time, the Museum of Theatre Puppets displays a photo exhibition. It features the French photographer Christophe Loiseau with his series “Manipulated Portraits”. In this series, the artist has collaborated with international puppeteers to orchestrate exciting portrait stories. This is Christophe Loiseau’s first exhibition in Germany. The exhibition is under the patronage of Serge Lavroff, the French Consul General in Hamburg.

Christophe Loiseau has worked as a photographer in the international world of puppet theatre for more than 15 years. For his series “Manipulated Portraits”, he has met with puppeteers from different countries in order to develop portraits at the places where they live, work, and are active as artists. Every photograph is a result of an intensive process that starts when the photographer meets the person who should be portrayed. Together, they invent an image that, in the second step, should be elaborately staged. The photos are portrait stories that move the world of puppeteers from theatres into the outside world.



SchichtlSchichtl’s marionette cabaret: "The most exclusive and elegant family theatre"

Ladies and Gentlemen! Please come in and be amazed by our art!

Acrobats, artists, magicians and clowns are among the greatest stars of cabaret. In the heyday of cabaret, marionettes rose to popularity as well and became sensations themselves. Our new exhibition presents selected “stars” of Schichtl’s famous marionette theatre. Find out more here.



Adolph_FriedlaenderAdolph Friedländer — Lithographies and Posters

If you still know how to marvel over things, Friedländer’s posters let you rediscover the world of circuses and music halls. They show you what that world was like a hundred years ago, what it had to offer, how it advertised its art, and how it enticed and fascinated the people. Read more.


Schweben_Traumen_Leben_Die_MuminsHovering, Dreaming, Living – Tove Jansson’s Moomin Stories

A Finland Institute Circulating Exhibition. Read more.



KasperlThe Augsburger Puppenkiste in Luebeck

"An island with two mountains and a deep, wide lake ..."

In Germany there is barely anyone who doesn´t remember the Augsburger Puppenkiste. Beloved figures like Urmel, the Mumins, Monty Spinnerratz and Jim Knopf, are closely tied to many childhoods. This year, the famous marionette theatre celebrates its 65th birthday, and the Museum of Theatre Puppets joins the celebration. Our special exhibition from June 28th until October 31st 2013. Read more.


Knete, Draht und Kamera

Clay, Wire, and Camera — Animation and Puppetoon Animation

Since the 1920’s, the play with theater puppets has influenced film and later television in a variety of ways.  Puppets are the stars in a number of well-known productions.  From the 15th of February to the 12th of May 2013, some iconic figures from film and television will be guests in the Museum of Theater Puppets. Find out more!



Sonderausstellung Im Reich der SchattenThe world of shadows – Chinese shadow theatre meets the Beijing Opera

The Chinese Shadow Theatre is a miniature form of the Beijing Opera. In our special exhibition in the cultural year of China we brought face-to-face Chinese shadow figures and historic opera robes and addressed the importance of this endangered art form to date. The exhibition was held under the patronage of UNESCO. Read more.


Sonderausstellung über den Künstler Prof. Harry KramerFundsache Kramer

Professor Harry Kramer was a German dancer, artist and professor of sculpture at the Kassel Art Academy. Our museum preserves figures from this artist that have been thought to be missing in the official catalogue of works. As a prelude to the special exhibitions, questions regarding Kramer, his works, and their current impact were discussed at a symposium in Lübeck’s Puppet Theatre.


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