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The history of puppet theatre and its protagonists is as colourful and varied as the museum itself. But who are the protagonists? And which form of puppet theatre are we talking about?

With about a thousand exhibits from the collection of Fritz Fey, our museum offers a unique insight into the world of puppet theatre. The permanent exhibition presents puppets of three centuries from Europe, Africa, and Asia. These include glove puppets, marionettes, rod and shadow puppets, as well as mechanical figures. With all of that and belonging to the puppet theatre: posters, props, musical instruments, and complete stage sets. Choose below the continent that interests you in order to get a quick glimpse. Or find out about our special exhibitions!


New additions to our permanent exhibition:

Schichtl_AusstellungSchichtl’s marionette cabaret: "The most exclusive and elegant family theatre"

Let us take you back to the Golden Twenties to present the “world’s best marionettes” on stage in circus tent. You can almost hear Xaver Schichtl welcome his audience: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Come in and be amazed by our art!”
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Film_PuppetsFilm puppets

There is an abundance of well-known movie productions featuring puppets as their main characters. These animation movies use a vast array of puppet types, some are covered with fabric, others are made out of modeling clay or plasticine. Please find out more here.

EuropeEnglischer Clown

The first European marionette dynasties arose in the 17th century. Over centuries, puppet theatre was not synonym with children’s theatre. Dramatization of the events of the day was popular and was displayed in Europe – especially at funfairs.
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Asia Schattenfigur Indien

Puppetry has always had an important place in Asia’s cultural life. The encounter with Asian puppet theatre is therefore an encounter with Asian cultural landscapes.
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Africa Bambara Stockfigur

Traditional puppet theatre is primarily meaningful within African tribes and at ritual celebrations. Ancestor worship, initiation and death are important causes for the use of puppetry.
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