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Experience the full glamour of puppet theatre at the Museum of Theatre Puppets. Over 1,000 world-class historical and modern theatre puppets and artefacts from Africa, Asia and Europe frolic in five venerable Lübeck merchant houses. Meet curios and old acquaintances, stages and barrel organs, shadow plays and - was that not a movie star who just darted past?
Discover rarities, gift ideas and specialist literature in our museum shop. Relax in our café after a guided tour or on a rainy day. Child-friendly and with delicious specialty coffees.
Visit our museum and be fascinated by the world of puppet theatre!
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How to find us

TheaterFigurenMuseum Lübeck

Kolk 14 · 23552 Lübeck · Germany
Phone: +49 (0)451 786-26
Fax: +49 (0)451 784-36

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Opening hours

01 April–31 October
Monday–Sunday 10.00–18.00 

01 November–30 November
Tuesday–Sunday 11.00–17.00

01 December–30 December
Monday–Sunday 11.00–17.00

02 January–31 March
Tuesday–Sunday 11.00–17.00

The museum is closed on the following holidays:

Christmas Eve | Christmas Day
New Year's Eve | New Year's Day

Schichtl_PlakatSchichtl’s marionette cabaret: Our exhibition since July 2014

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Please come in and be amazed by our art!"
Acrobats, artists, magicians and clowns are among the greatest stars of cabaret. In the heyday of cabaret, marionettes rose to popularity as well and became sensations themselves. Our exhibition about the Schichtl family presents selected “stars” of their famous marionette theatre. Find out more here.


Stop_TrickFilm puppets – A new addition to our permanent exhibition

There is an abundance of well-known movie productions featuring puppets as their main characters. These animation movies use a vast array of puppet types, some are covered with fabric, others are made out of modeling clay or plasticine. Please find out more here.


Kallisto_HandpuppetsThe Museum Shop

A treasure trove for that special gift!
A wide range of products awaits you during our opening times: Finger and hand puppets of all kinds, marionettes of all sizes, catalogues, DVDs, posters (e.g. reprints of Friedlaender poster), picture postcards, linen bags etc. Find out more.

Entrance fee

7.00 EUR
Pupils, students 3.50 EUR
Children (6-12 years) 2.50 EUR
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